A Southern Snow Tradition

Posted on Feb 1 2014 - 12:52am by Tammy Smith
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Hubby is from the Northwest … Idaho to be exact. They have endless snow from October to April (and sometimes longer). You can imagine my surprise when I mentioned snow cream and I got a blank stare. “What is snow cream?”  OMG! How have you lived around all this precious snow your whole life and you have never experienced the deliciousness that is snow cream? His response,”we don’t eat snow… it’s dirty.” Whatever! Ignore him; it falls from the sky it’s not dirty as long as it’s not yellow (NEVER use the yellow snow).

It may sound like I am really playing this snow cream thing up, but I tell you for us southerners that only get a good snow every few years…. it’s the holy grail. In the summer we have homemade ice cream but for some reason we just don’t make that after after Labor Day or before Memorial Day, it’s a summer treat…. kinda like white pants. So every once in a while we get to have snow cream…. the home made ice cream of the winter.

Of course we enjoy sledding and snowmen like everyone else but we also pull out the sugar and vanilla and our biggest bowls in anticipation of that winter deliciousness at the mere mention of snow.  When it starts falling we run out and put our biggest pans and bowls out so that the snow falls right in them and they can be whisked back into the house when full to serve as a base for this wonderful creation.  Just one more quirky thing you may see us Southerners doing during a snow storm that Northerners find silly. Don’t call it silly ’til you taste it. I haven’t introduced it to one “non-southerner” that hasn’t agreed they have been missing out.

If your mouth is watering and you want to try it, here’s the how to. One thing to remember about snow cream… you have to start with ALOT of snow to end up with enough snow cream for the crowd.

Snow Cream Recipe

This year when the snow came, I got a little more excited than normal about the snow cream because it was my toddler’s first experience and so I decided to “church it up” a little the second day…..I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out… messing with perfection and all but my boys (big and small) were all happy with the new creations. So here are a few ideas on “Fancy Southern Snow Cream”:

  1. Add a little Nesquick to your snow cream once made for chocolate or strawberry or use chocolate syrup
  2. Chop up some oreos and add for cookies and cream snow cream
  3. Add sprikles, marshmellows, the little marshmellows out of cereal, whatever you can think of
  4. For my non-dairy readers: I made myself some dairy free snow cream with almond milk. Though admittedly not AS GOOD as the original, it was still pretty tasty and better than doing without. Use the same amount of non-dairy milk as you would evaporated milk.


Nesquik picture oreo pic

You can’t go wrong so be creative but make sure you taste it the original way first. Don’t forge to let me know how you like it!


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