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Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 12:13pm by Tammy Smith
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chinese lanternsChinese Lanterns… love!


Does anyone remember the show “That’s so Raven”?
Well on the show Raven would have spontaneous moments of seeing what was about to happen like a video playing it out.  This is an ability every mother has, especially mothers of boys. At times I feel like I can walk into a room, scan it and immediately see a short video play in my mind of everything that can go wrong in that room once my toddler enters.


Sometimes these things are rational..
Ssometimes not: Like right after The Negotiator was born and I would not allow his pack and play to be placed under a ceiling fan because I was convinced it WOULD wiggle loose and fall into his pack and play thereby crushing him or cutting off limbs. I am very lucky that the Hubs is a very patient man and usually just rolls his eyes and gives into my madness.
On New Year’s Eve we did not set off fireworks. Something about flying objects on fire and a 2 year old did not go together in my head. If nothing else I knew it would be an hour of “I do, I do” and me trying to explain why he could not hold a lighter and a firecraker in his hand all by himself.
Instead I ordered Chinese Lanterns…. 30 of them to be exact, I wouldn’t want anyone to acuse me being a “half…” well you know the rest. Yes, there is still fire involved, but I figured these were more controllable, they only floated up and they could not be pointed at others!
They turned out great! They were beautiful going up in the sky. When I ordered I just had white, but these colors would be even better. I think the tradition is that you should write a wish a tie to it, but you shoudl research that before quoting me on it, I could have completely made that up in my head.  (I do that sometimes!)
If you want to give them a try, you can get them for a limited time (2 days) here, as a deal at Jane.com (the site the Hubs is going to ground me from). If you miss that deal you can find then on Google.
And that’s the end of my hot air on this subject.



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