A Prayerful Demand

Posted on Feb 18 2014 - 6:00pm by Tammy Smith
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It was a prayer…. of sorts…..Jesus small

This weekend me, The Hubs and the Negotiator were in the garage. Now, I admit our garage is currently  not as organized as I would like…well that’s candy coating it… to be honest our garage currently looks like we are working on our own home-based tough mudder obstacle course.

So it is not surprise that when the Negotiator went to get his little push motorcycle out of the garage he had to pull it past some stuff to free it.

The Hubs and I are not paying much attention to all his pulling and pushing as he seemed to have it under control and we are usually bombarded with the “I Do” madness that comes with toddlers.

Now, in this chaos are our manger scene figurines that stand about as tall as the Negotiator. They were in a plastic storage bin until last week when I took them out to use as an impromptu sled since we don’t get enough snow to actually have a real one.

As he pulls his little motorcycle through the mess he got caught up on this little innocent plastic figurine you see pictured here that serves as Joseph in our little manager scene.  Just as if he was talking to our dog, I hear him say:

“Jesus let me by!”

I thought I would die, really, I hope this is not one of those you had to be there things, because the Hubs and I were on the floor. I love being a mom. These are the moments that get you through the madness.

Find something, no matter how small, to laugh about today!




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