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Posted on Feb 24 2014 - 9:00pm by Tammy Smith
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Mmmm, [cue sultry background music] ………

Ladies, is there anything better at night after a hard day’s work than a little side action that’s smoking hot…….QUICK and STEAMY ….. Raw and untouched?

I’ll give you a moment to let your mind wonder a little and come back to me…..

NOW get your mind out of the gutter because I’m talking about vegetables……. really folks, this is not that kind of blog……there are limits to what the Hubs will let me talk about on here……and with kids we all know there is usually a lot more steam in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house!

Anyway, dinner sides: I have found a wonderful solution to quick and easy sides on busy nights that are healthy. Alexia, a brand name that I find at Harris Teeter, is my favorite! It is good for my kids and it only takes 5 minutes to steam it up in the old microwave. I keep it in my freezer all the time.


This corn is THE SWEETEST frozen corn I have tasted. It is good……I mean it is really good…. like rode on the tailgate of a pick up truck down to the field and picked myself some before dinner good! The Negotiator even likes it! If you can please a toddler you can please anyone.

The best part, look at the label……


Do you see anything added? Anything at all? Nope! How awesome,  it says: CORN, that’s it! No sugar, no salt and for goodness’ sake, no high fructose corn syrup…. this is something I feel good about giving my children. I’m pretty sure corn is still okay and the scientists haven’t ruined it for us just yet…… it’s still on the “can have list” without threats of budding an extra toe or the development of an allergy so serious you can’t even drive down a road where corn is growing.

More good news: They don’t just have corn! Though I am partial to corn…it brings back very fond memories of an uncle that made the best corn around – his was home grown, by him, so it had love in it …..never fails, really good corn always triggers fond memories of him and causes a small smile to creep across my face.

They also have carrots, peas, french fries, bread and a lot more!  If you are looking for a little steamy side tonight to add the good freezer meal menu, I suggest checking out the vegetables Alexia has to offer. You can find out more about their products here.

Enjoy, it’s one of my favorites!




Disclaimer: I am NOT getting paid to speak on behalf of this company. As far as I know they have no idea I have even mentioned their name and certainly don’t know who I am. HOWEVER, if they would like to pay me to say some more about it…. well, that would make me very happy, so if you know someone at Alexia just let them know I’m over here bragging on them!

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