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Posted on Feb 26 2014 - 8:00am by Tammy Smith
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Tiny People Need Time Too!

Sounds like a sad country song doesn’t it? But I’m talking about connecting with your babies and I mean your real babies, not the 16 year old boys you still see as a baby in your heart.

It can be hard to find or make time to really connect with them when they are so little, especially if you have older ones at home. I know I found it a lot easier to connect with my first born when all I had to do was sit and stare at him for hours….. now I have a toddler that wants his fair share of the attention (and then some).

I often struggle with my desire to play and interact with my baby boy, who is now 3 months old. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE snuggling with him and would do it all day long if that could be my FT job but I also want to stimulate him and engage him – partly because he gives me awesome little gummy smiles when I do connect and that’s better than any paycheck!

A few weeks before he was born I saw the Noggin Stick on a stores’ website as a giveaway, so I registered to win…… of course I did NOT. However, I was still interested in the little rattle so I ordered one  -

courtesy of Smart Noggin Toys

courtesy of Smart Noggin Toys

Yes I am aware that was their whole goal in the first place and yes, I fell for it!

It is made by SmartNoggin Toys that specialize in developmental toys.  Essentially it is a rattle that lights up on the end each time you tap it with alternating colors.  It has a mirror on the very bottom that he doesn’t care much about yet,  but I’m sure he will as he grows. I think the concept is that the rattle can be used in different ways in the early development of your baby.

To begin with my little man would just stare at the light and follow it around with his eyes. Now he get’s excited as the colors change and he does a little jump each time a new color appears and smiles – I adore those little gummy smiles – I would even go so far to say that he has favorite colors. He certainly get’s more excited at the red than the other 2. I do, however, admit I may be reading a little bit too much into that and giving an 11 week old a little too much credit, forgive me I am a mommy!

I have also given this as a baby gift several times. It’s very unusual – something I strive for in my gift giving – and I often hear back that the babies really did like it. If you are interested you can purchase one here! (As fair warning…. they are in the same price range as a certain little giraffe that I will not name and that I said I would never buy until my first born became so attached to it that I prayed he never lost it so I wouldn’t have to eat my words!) That giraffe was worth it as much time as it spent in his mouth and this one is worth it too!

It’s a cute toy! Check it Out and let me know what you think!

What other fun things do you do to engage and connect with your tiny people?  I want to hear from you, leave me a comment, we are all in this together.


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