The Girl Behind the Stilettos

Hi. I’m Tammy. Mother of 2 boys, wife of 1 and a full time attorney. 

Rebekah Tozer Photography

Rebekah Tozer Photography

Lover of high heel shoes, the taller the better!

Life never turns out the way you planned it…. thank God for that, mine would be a disaster! I wake up every morning trying to figure out how the crazy decisions I made along the way led me to such a blessed life. In my 20′s I would have told you I wanted 2 little girls that I could dress up and play dolls with. The fact that I have two boys is proof that God has a sense of humor! He knew best because now I don’t have to share my shoes or my shoe budget… I never thought of that.

I have a 2 year old that I call The Negotiator and he outsmarts me everyday. I realize God sent me to law school not as a career path but to prepare me to be his mommy. (I should have studied harder.) He is imperfect in the most perfect way! He was meant to be mine and he is a wonderful blend of my husband’s looks and gentle nature with my personality: stubborn and determined but compassionate and caring, all wrapped into one wonderful bundle of energy. He is hysterical and I love the way he sees the world around him and embraces… no attacks life!

My second precious baby boy was born this year, he’s still just cute and cuddly…with ALL his rolls and chins….. even at 3:00 a.m.! (This would explain the perpetual bags under my eyes.) I can’t wait to see the little person he becomes.

When I first heard the phrase MOB (mother of boys) I didn’t understand why we needed our own acronym…. now I do.

It’s a club really …. a support group. Having boys is enough fun to be illegal while at the same time being chaotic enough to need something illegal. For example, The Negotiator will literally run in circles for 10-15 minutes yelling at the top of his lungs just because he can and because I’m too tired to stop him.

The craziness is what led me to start this blog. The craziness of life, the craziness of being a mom, the craziness of juggling “it all”,trying to have it all and  the fact that I’m just crazy enough to share it with the world. To borrow from Kenny, “I wanted it all and that’s what I got!”

Our life is planned and unplanned, structured and spontaneous, organized and strewn, all at the same time. Becoming a wife barely changed me, becoming a mom brought me to my knees…. in laughter, in tears, in gratitude and in prayer. The most valuable lessons having kids teach me on a daily basis is to take myself less serious and to laugh….out loud,to be silly even when you don’t feel like it and to enjoy life because it flies by and most of what you are bothered by won’t matter tomorrow.

As long as they can leave the house peeing on their own, treating others with kindness and knowing to get down on their knees when the world doesn’t make sense, you are not a failure!

Finding a balance between work and home is always tricky and most days leaves me feeling incapable, guilty and like a failure.

I am honest about who I am and  I am not perfect but I promise myself every day to try and be a little better version tomorrow of who I was today. So here I am raw and exposed with all my wife and mom flaws!  I hope you can find some useful tips from lessons I learn the hard way and get a few laughs along the way! I’m glad you decided to join me for this journey, welcome!




P.S. That picture, the one at the top of the page, that’s not the way I look every day…..

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